New/old picture of Gaga at Lollapalooza 2010 taken from Neon Trees’ new music video,

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"Even though I love music so much, I was so terrified to put my singing out there, because I want to sing like Whitney Houston, but I can’t. I want to sing like Kelly Clarkson and Adele, but I can’t. But I finally realized I just had to learn to sing like me, and my voice might not be a big voice, but it has something to share, stories to tell.

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Teen Wolf Ladies: Season 3

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stiles stilinski, seasons 1-3; color analysis. inspired by (x). 

(lydia / allison / scott)

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Lady Gaga x Emoji

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Amazing fan-made ARTPOP remixes by ARTPOPTheRemix

Check out the official remixes here

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Sexiest part on a woman? [x]

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Twilight Lovers (1994) by Tina Fiveash

Inspired by ‘Girl’s Own’ annuals and the Australian Women’s Weekly magazine from the 1950s, Stories for Girls is a tongue-in-cheek attempt to recreate missing lesbian photographic history from an era where homosexuality was a criminal offense, and lesbians were forced to remain in the closet and keep their relationships hidden from society.

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